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of Togolese credentials. Now, he continues to volunteer at medical centers in New Haven, Connecticut, and conducts independent biology research. A lot of people told me I shouldnt have been surprised, but I really couldnt help. But I spoke nevertheless and as my father went through job after job I went through book after book, reading out loud in class and quickly climbing to the top of ESL. I talked a lot about being low income and how that has affected. Kris Altenburg, Martin's mother, said that since Martin's interests were productive - he enjoyed science and playing his violin - her husband, Kent, and she gave him a lot of independence. For the past 10 years my father has struggled in a still unfamiliar country and he is my example of determination. 'I had an inkling' First, when Kwasi realized he was accepted into all of the Ivy League schools, father Ebenezer asked, "What's the financial aid look like?" Similarly, when Martin's family realized that he had been accepted into all of the Ivy Leagues, his parents. Again and again and again. Finally, one by one, she managed to read the notifications in her mailbox. Last summer, "I was studying basically how stem cells work in planarians, which are little flatworms.

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"He had friends who would come around, and they would go to the beach and have fun. "Somewhere between kindergarten and second grade, I was asked the typical 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' and I just said, 'A doctor " Kwasi recalled. The report involved a survey of about 540,000 students, about 15 years old, across 72 questions. Growing up in North Dakota, where the oil industry has a strong presence and oil production has helped propel the economy, Martin said that ubc thesis printing he thinks his environmentalism helped him stand out among other Ivy League applicants. "I had an inkling that something like that could be possible said Kris Altenburg.