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Atticus understands, as does. Shortly after the novel begins, Scout starts her first year at school. He includes this information in darwiniana essays his closing statements to the jury, and during his later discussions with Jem and Scout regarding jury selection and the trial process, makes this statement again. However, the largest and therefore major theme of the book is racism. Heck Tate and Scout, that Boo should not be forced to experience powerful public attention or criticism. He must face a court case that will have a deep personal effect upon himself and his family. The first theme is that sometime people are judged before they are known. Atticus is devoted and unable to turn his back on those who truly rely upon his ability to show empathy. Although Atticus loses the trial, he believes strongly that despite social inequalities, all men are equal in the courtroom.

200) Another" is, "You just pretend you're half-? However, the most focused on point of Toms life was not the only point in his life where racism has been shown towards him.

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Atticus has the courage to overcome the fear of other peoples dislikes. We will write a custom essay sample. She remained strong in spirit and belief. People think that he is a bad person because he spends all his time with black people. Obviously, racism is a major theme of the novel. Atticus explains that Mrs. It was only after Mrs. Throughout To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus speaks of the Tom Robinson trial as a trial all lawyers fear. Despite the challenge of overcoming the town's deeply ingrained racism and forcing people to change their social perspectives, Atticus struggles on, because he believes that one day, goodness will prevail over the evils of racism and racial equality will exist.