argumentative essay environmental degradation

lead to acid rain that affects various water bodies and forests. Shafik (1994) has observed that the EKC relationship can be observed only for specific environmental pressure factors and not for others, Where environmental quality directly affects human welfare, higher incomes tend to be associated with less degradation. Adams (2001: 212) The relationship between environmental degradation and economic development is fundamental to sustainable development.

In the last decade, extensive literature has argued that a direct link between environmental degradation and economic development is too simplistic and that the nexus is governed by a complex web of factors. Read Well Reports Community well operators often produce monitoring reports on the safety of local wells.

Direct impacts of agricultural development on the environment arise from farming activities which contribute to soil erosion, land salination and loss of nutrients. Tourisms boost a countrys economy. These authors have argued that other explanatory variables should be included in the models, including; inequality (Kaufman et al, 1998 income growth, institutional and political factors (Torras Boyce, 1998) and international trade (Stern., 1996). The salts cause problems as they restrict the root activity of the plant and therefore slow down its growth. There are examples of countries which have seen increases in both population and economic activity that have experienced improvements in their environment. Water scarcity compounds these health problems. Not only are those affected by poverty more likely to live in environmentally degraded areas, but frequently, they are themselves responsible for this environmental degradation because their poverty forces them to. Recent analysis shows that a fundamental critique of the EKC hypothesis is its failure to fit many forms of environmental change such as the global climate or biodiversity loss. Vref1 titleIssues Of Environmental Degradation Environmental Sciences Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. These resources include water, air, flora, fauna, soil etc.

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