international sports events help in world peace essay

of which are in the middle of protracted conflicts, can the Asian Games do the same? Nevertheless, when everybody is equal in the face of sport, even the most college application essays cornell polarised sides can learn to respect and trust each other. Not in the infield. The same goes for the citizens. I don't disagree with the answer above, but let me play devil's advocate just so you have another point of view to consider. As the performances of athletes reflect the states image, world leaders have been prioritising the development of sports in their countries.

A good reason to international sports events cannot help in world p eace is that any large international event is being targeted by terrorism. In conclusion while I admit sport will not solve world conflicts overnight but sur ely. To support what you believe in in anything brings peace so why can t it in sport. International sports allow for all conrtries to get together and understand ethnics. The Olympics is an example of a large event that can be showcased.

Even if it is do, that docent mean that sport carter global tranquility. In 1969 El Salvador beat Honduras in a World Cup qualifying match, igniting longstanding tension between the two countries into a brief war.

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The joint teams are a follow-up to the decision by both countries to compete in the Winter Olympics last February as one group. And in 1916, the unifying power of buy an essay websites sports proved no match for the hostilities of World War I: the Berlin Olympics, long planned for that year, had to be canceled. If people talk that sports will bring an argument, but it only happens within a short time. In conclusion while I admit sport will not solve world conflicts overnight but surely for the reasons outlined above go little bit of the way to solving and healing some of them. The success of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea in promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula has raised debates on the role of sport events in global peacekeeping. Turkish President Abdullah Guls historic visit to Armenia eventually resulted in an agreement between the countries to reestablish ties and reopen their border. It is better for nationalism to be expressed on the sports field than on the battlefield. Report Post, why would it not? Sports can not bring world peace. Simultaneously, their supporters will have conflicts, or arguments, between each other. While sport disproves eugenicists and extreme nationalist, it provides a good outlet for moderate nationalism.

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