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acting like their pimp (only he gets to keep all the cash and he finds particular joy in tormenting the patients by slapping them around or hosing them down while calling them "idiots". A young ( and terribly ugly) girl performs a supernatural sexual ritual and conjures up her ancient witch ancestor who initiates her virginal body to various sexual encounters (including making love to a gay man!). We then meet some of the women, including Angela (Stefania D'Amario; city OF THE walking dead - 1980) and Monique (Sara Sperati; salon kitty - 1976 but everyone at the camp seem more interested in Tania, especially Herr Erner (John Steiner; THE ARK OF THE. Jules tells his brother, Judas (Jack Palance; without warning - 1979 that he has got to see Eva's nightclub act, so they both go, where they see Eva dancing topless with a giant snake wrapped around her body (it's not really much of an act. The are given a few moments of screen time and then they are either dispatched or forgotten. Four women are kidnapped, blindfolded and driven to the jungle compound of demented hunter/rapist Spiros (Eddie Garcia; beast OF blood - 1970) and his lesbian assistant Manda (Pat Woodell; THE BIG doll house - 1971). We soon discover that Eva is bisexual, as we watch her feel-up an oriental dancer (Jenny Liang; bloody parrot - 1981) under a table after she finishes her show and, later that night, she masturbates in bed dreaming of them making love. The whole "exorcism" angle only takes up about three minutes of screen time and it's not actually an exorcism at all, but the way religion treated valid medical conditions by putting faith in God rather than giving them medication. At Ezio's funeral, his father, Tulio Gallio (John Alin asks Messala who killed his son. "Leonard Kirtman director of carnival OF blood 1970 and curse OF THE headless horseman 1972) was both Second Unit Director and Lighting Director here.

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After a pretty funny beginning, especially the scene where Ma has to tell a lawyer the names of her kids (Bruvver's real name is Luke). Levene made sure that this film played on double and triple features well into the 1980s. Also on-board is Interpol agent George (Junero Jennings; superchick - 1973) and his prisoner Steve (Troy Donahue; THE love thrill murders - 1971; in an embarrassing, career-destroying role who are handcuffed to each other. Friedman was the uncredited Executive Producer. The whole film is basically just a way to show different ways to kill someone and the blood flows rather freely and graphically. They tie a rope around his neck and take off in a plane, dragging him from behind, finally hanging him in the upper altitude. It's like looking in your high school yearbook and being embarassed of the way you looked and dressed. Dietrich, who worked with Jess Franco on some of his more extreme films.