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in the United States developed slowly and deliberately. South African society historically judged violence inflicted on Blacks less harshly than violence against Whites. In the novel, The Power of One, by Bryce Courtney, a young, white, African boy named Peekay lives in a world where the government, the country, and the world revolves around racism. Education, job, living or even politics, people from different nationality have witnessed racism at least once in their lifetime. Racist bullying can be identified by the motivation of the bully, the language used and by the fact that victims are singled out because of their colour skin or cultural practices. Its what apartheid did to people. The structural and evolutionary inequality promotes the racism. India, another Asian country that has racism in all corners of the nation.

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Not only they oppress the blacks, but also they feel anyone who belongs to different nationality should be oppressed. Gender discrimination involves negative believes and attitude based on gender. Since then the concept of racism started as it was said that dark-skinned people are cursed whereas white skinned people are good men in the world. People do not get to choose their skin colour that is not up to them nature chooses for them, that is their fate and is far from being their problem. Why do they hate each other? I dont think. Mostly racism arises due to psychological issues. Widespread housing discrimination against Americans of color.S. Fear is what makes us uncomfortable, making us need to protect ourselves and defend, mostly causing pain and discomfort to the person or object of the fear.