essay on football game for kids

impossible, but there should be regulations to the sport if that people would have to meet in order to insure safety and knowledgeable facts about the sport. Loads of clips played out in my head while I was trying to predict what was going to happen throughout the match. If one of the objects thrown, hit the target in the face they could. The second play was a defensive play.

This is just one example of the thousands of fatalities that have occurred due to rioting. When I was first born my grandfather said that I was solid and built to play football. Football is not meant for children, the players should have a full understanding of the game and of the danger that it can entails. My first organized football experience was when I was five. Me and the only other striker on my team stood on the center point with the ball at our feet waiting for the ref to blow his whistle. I was linebacker and my number changed again this time. I sat down amongst my teammates to get an inspirational speech from our coach. Two years ago, two Leeds fans died after being stabbed to death before a match in Istanbul. I guess it was just to remind us considering everyone was half asleep.

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