short essay about happiness

of mind. Some people think that happiness is money, because money help buy anything you want. Therefore, the being cannot be criticized for running after the happiness that it has known. Religions tend to be methodical institutions of peace and happiness, by employing faith, meditation, mantra, prayer, yoga, etc., aimed at the present life, as well as the life beyond death.

Thus, happiness is a loving soul and love, a person can not live without. It can be found by material goods or being with people; it can be brought on by simple things such as just sitting down with your family or even just seeing, tasting or smelling something nice. Happiness is your soul, is you. That is also essential for a happy, healthy life. In total, this only becomes the relentless quest to be happy like one sometimes was, or like one witnessed someone elses joy. It is commonly said that happiness is a state of mind. For instance, one can photograph a beautiful occasion, but cannot feel or experience the beauty of it just by seeing the photograph. And that the family wasnt living in poverty you need money. The people that can still feel emotion and still possess free thought have to wear handicaps and brain scramblers to make sure they dont use their issues. Such is the quest for happiness. Upon looking closely one would find that even the most charitable works have a subtle selfishness underlying in them.