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abundant fossil fuel energy and a lack of will to replace machinery with people. A bioregional process of mapping would include walking the land, being a part. There should be a maximum of recycling of materials and energy on the site, with most raw materials being produced from ambient solar energy, or grown, and each function being embedded through cycles into an ecosystem. It is very important to keep a momentum of action and to have some results which are visible and encouraging. Communal right of access to the land does not inevitably lead to 'the tragedy of the commons which Garrett Hardin (1968) predicts for communal resources.

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People would have rights of forage in community forests, rather like Medieval rights of pannage, where peasants were allowed to run pigs in oak forest in autumn. In green design, buildings can almost be seen as organismic or systemic. Thanks to Dad, Mom, Liz and James for ploughing through the drafts and helping me to cut, cut, cut it down to size. Back to the table of contents.4 energy We have created an immensely energy inefficient society. Farm sizes would be small. Co-housing units are formed of about 30 households sharing a communal space, which can range from a communal kitchen and dining area, to a building with day-care facilities, craft workshops and communal gardens. I am aware that there are some problems with critiques of modern society, and that there is a danger inherent in over- romanticising the past and non-Western cultures, giving the impression that we could return to a golden, or innocent age. (1902) Reprint 1987 Mutual Aid, A Factor of Evolution, Freedom Press, London,.K.

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