definition of report

had received more than one approach. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. To shatter old work habits, he ordered that henceforth, every Samsung employee must report for work two hours early. Make a complaint against, make a charge against, inform on, tattle on, accuse View synonyms.4British with object (of a parliamentary committee chairman) formally announce that the committee has dealt with (a bill) the Chairman shall report the Bill to the House announce, describe, give. As the Indigenous Peoples fought back, so the settlers in their reports to London had to play down the level of violence, for fear of scaring off potential investors and settlers. The political background of the former lecturer in Marxist sociology was also more complex than the media reports suggested. That's very important to get that over with in August, to get back in September, have the relevant committees report the legislation out. English report verb (tell thesaurus: synonyms and related words report noun, c (description thesaurus: synonyms and related words.

From Cambridge English Corpus None of the reports indicated whether there patients satisfaction thesis were smaller effects that were statistically significant. The spectator observes a certain space and has the capacity to report on what their eyes see. I make a note for my official report that the presumption of innocence has yet again been violated. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Leading independent schools said the report showed that foreign language exams did not reward the brightest pupils. According to recent reports, Attorney General Michael McDowell is examining legal options to tackle this growth industry.

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