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better protected from bushfires. The fires also caused changes to biodiversity levels, high levels of erosion, disrupted the water quality in local streams and waterways and also released thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. All lines from an essay on man poem together the cost of damage was over 950 million. These fires occurred during extreme heat conditions and became known as Australias most devastating Bushfire to date. Bushfires in Australia, bushfires in Australia generally occur in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Victoria. This image represents the cause of bushfires in Australia over the years. Flat/grassland fires - Burn along flat plains or areas of small undulation, predominantly covered in grasses or scrubland. APA, mLA, chicago, australia Bushfire. Dangerous areas also include large areas of dry grass and trees, which burn easily and are common in the summer. There are 2 main types of bushfires ; surface bushfires and crown bushfires.

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The communities response was the best of all. A bushfire is a wildfire that burns out of control spreading across vegetated regions of bushland. Most of the Ash Wednesday fires were caused by an accidental ignition, for example in Cudgee, Mt Macedon, Monivale and Branxholme. This costs a lot of money and was mainly funded by the Australian government. Natural, hazards have a major impact on Australian communities including loss of life, property damage, environmental destruction, and a loss of money due to disaster relief. Southern Australia also experiences strong winds in summer, which result in increasing the damage of the fire. Massive parts if Australias land is devastated by bushfires each year and these impact Australias population and environment in numerous ways. Firefighters risktheir lives each year to control andeventually. Weather conditions such as cold fronts also produce severe bushfire conditions. The first four groupings are generally referredto as natural hazards and the last two as humanhazards. The devastation of the flood was not expected and many people were caught out in the northern part of the rivers. An education and awareness program could be developed to inform people on the risks on living in fire prone areas.