westridge modern world french revolution essay

French, revolutions led to new documents and new ways of life that would change the lives of citizens substantially. The French Revolution The french Revolution signaled the beginning of the rise of the Bourgeoisie in French politics. The revolution began with a government financial crisis but quickly became a movement of reform and violent change.

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westridge modern world french revolution essay

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This new idea contributed to Napoleons Grand Army of over 600,000 men; as well more recent wars such as WWI when troops were needed to help the British. Overall, military tactics advanced during Napoleons rule and influenced future wars. causes OF THE, french, revolution. Revolution was apolitical disruption in which the American colonies broke from the British Empire and formed an independent nation. The French Revolution marked the advent of modern society, it inspired people in other parts of Europe to modernise their own countries. Meanwhile, the masses of France also took action. Moreover, a new system to create troops in a fast method was developed conscription. The French Revolution provided the world with its first meaningful experience of political ideology, and hence brought many governmental changes, social changes and the theme of nationalism. Other social movements, including communism, a form of completesocialism where all means of production would be owned by the peopleleaving a small number of manufacturers to control wealth, which wasproposed by Karl Marx, and utilitarianism, which judged ideas, institutions, and actions based on their utility. Moreover, not only did the revolt of the middle class allow society to be released from the ancien regime, it generated the entire principle of equality. Courts handed down about 18,000 death sentences in what was called the Reign of Terror. 1786: 20th August: Calonne proposes financial reforms to the King.

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