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of new democracies in Africa and Asia, and autocratic regimes gave way to democracy in Greece (1974 Spain (1975 Argentina (1983 Brazil (1985) and Chile (1989). Moving on, corruption and selfish attitudes is eating away the institutional structure of our country and such mal-practices never allowed democracy to flourish. There are also a host of what Mois├ęs Naim, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, calls micro-powers, such as NGOs and lobbyists, which are disrupting traditional politics and making life harder for democratic and autocratic leaders alike. 322 BC) condemn as "when put to the strain, grows weak, and is supplanted by oligarchy." Also which George Bernard Shaw taxed in his Maxims for Revolutionists (1903) as substituting "election by the incompetent many for appointment by the Continue Reading Essay on Is Democracy. Thus we see that the main causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan had been lack of regard for the countrys constitution and misuse of powers. Democracy in actuality can only be achieved through such measures. The very fact that it that id had been amended time and again is a clear proof of its weakness. The ideas of democracy, rule of law and adult franchise went to their favor so armed with the weapon of these ideas, this new class succeeded in building up a new political culture under which a new political order was established. Again Martial Law intervened in 1977 and the popular leader elected by the common people through dubious elections was hanged.

Both voters and governments must be persuaded of the merits of accepting restraints on the states natural tendency to overreach. Italys parliament has far too many members who are paid too much, and two equally powerful chambers, which makes it difficult to get anything done. If we are to survive as research paper multicultural psychology a nation, we must allow it to grow or it will be hard to escape another catastrophe either internal or external. Secondly, a major chunk of the population wants greater Islamic character in the democratic setup and legislation. The crucial importance of democracy can be observed by the experience of East Asian countries. These have sacred duties to perform, duties on which depends the ultimate good of the entire community. Foreign-policy realists took Iraqs growing chaos as proof that American-led promotion of democratisation was a recipe for instability. It becomes deductive to attribute democratization to any one single theory as modernization works with social and cultural factors that are also impacted by international factors. Democracy is also a system of rule by laws, not by individuals. They also bolster the struggle against corruption, the bane of developing countries. But their fundamental demand is one that has motivated people over many decades to take a stand against corrupt, abusive and autocratic governments.

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