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affecting. But eventually romance does blossom, and unbeknownst to Trevor his other attempts to help do "pay it forward" yielding a chain reaction of newsworthy proportions. Simonet has standards and applies them in the classroom.

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Spacey does a wonderful job of suggesting the pain just beneath the surface of the character; the teacher's life is manageable only because he sticks to his routine. The bullies run away and Trevor is taken to the hospital, where he dies from his injuries. All of them are eventually touched by Trevor's idea that if he chooses three people and does something good for them, something important, and they do good deeds for three other people, and so forth, it will create a human chain letter that can go on forever. Haley Joel Osment, the gifted young actor from ". When his tale is finished, some readers might, after drying their tears, reflect on the possibility that his vision might not be so lunatic after all. He is Trevor's abusive and alcoholic father who has since left the family. The two adults are brought together again when Trevor runs away from home and Arlene asks Eugene to help her find him.