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were favorable, he made the decision himself to remove these individuals from his life. Thus the Britons being driven into Wales, and crowded together in a barren Country insufficient to support such great Numbers, diminished 'till the People bore a Proportion to the Produce, while the Saxons increas'd on their abandoned Lands; 'till the Island became full of English. In my earliest research, I observed a very specific personalty type unfolding with a strongly placed natal Transpluto. In the example chart, the young man experienced the perfectionist standards from the Scorpio mother, although he felt closely tied to her. A conjunction with Transpluto often indicates a mother who criticized because her own emotional needs were being neglected. He had used creative visualization to manifest the winning numbers. My assistant researcher stated that, He is a very insecure young man who puts others down so that they are not as good as he is, making himself seem more superior.

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I have a female client of many years whose rising Moon in Taurus aspects the malefic stellium of Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Transpluto in Leo. Coming to terms with this hyper-sensitivity is important to establishing positive relating patterns, finding emotional satisfaction with a partner, and cultivating a capacity to share ones self with others. Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc. By continuing to use our website or checking the. Self-sufficiency is a psychological protective mechanism whereby others are not allowed to get so close that they could criticize, reject, try to change or make demands. In Transactional irandoc thesis ac ir Analysis, this trait is called Heavy Parenting.

She never said what circumstances led up to this decision but it was a very satisfying move. In this case, it is not a fear of failure but a fear of rejection, recrimination and psychological retaliation from the mother that success would engender.

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