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surfaces. I then trimmed the rods based on the day and night surfaces and put together a system of panels that will support the rods. And at the physical level I am using Milstein Hall as a testing ground. In order to move this abstraction into a physical installation, I made a 3-dimensional field of rods in the space. Affiliated with: University at Buffalo, authored by: Other blogs affiliated with University at Buffalo: Recent Entries. Replay with sound, play with sound, my thesis project has three major components. Some features of this site may not work without. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter, funding period - (28 days). The purpose of the project is to make this 2D/3D/2D perceptual translation visible spatially. First, it deals with the idea that the world exists in 3 dimensions, is projected by light onto our retina as a 2 dimensional image, and then perceived in the mind in 3 dimensions. At the School of Architecture and Planning, we engage with our local and global communities to push the boundaries of our disciplines and innovate the professions of architecture and planning.

Architects, the thesis develops a strategy to approach an architecture, which prov ides. Sense perception, the doors have been opened towards a design more. The study concludes that design values and perceptions of architecture as read.

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My initial installation proposals intended to take the 3D space of Milstein Hall, project it onto the 2D wall that separates Milstein from Sibley Hall, and then expand that visual information out into Sibley. This way the content of the image is made apparent but not directly called out. Risks and challenges, the biggest obstacle is the price of materials, hence the KickStarter. This item appears in the following Collection(s). The money received will be used entirely on materials for the project. By walking back and forth they can construct a mental image of the space behind that is represented by the undulating lengths of rods. I started with linear perspective as the most clearly related to architectural representation, and continued with occlusion/superimposition, light intensity, texture, and apparent size. As a result of the dimensional shift a new object or space has been created in a space whose identity was essentially taken away by the construction of Milstein Hall.

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