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Frankness, parents are the first friends of children. A loving parent might say, "It's great that you cleaned your room without being asked" or "I'm so proud that you made the basketball team.". Loving parents choose to respect, encourage and nurture their children rather than judging and blaming him. They demonstrate respect for their child by explaining the reasons behind rules, rather than simply ordering him to "do as you're told." To become a skillful communicator, encourage your child to express his feelings and then listen with understanding.

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So they taught me to respect others and be polite. This shows how selfish the mother was. However, in my opinion the ideal parents should be of good moral character, good listener and patience. You need to be a good teacher. Its hard to be like that and also is very hard to describe the ideal parent. Parenting is a journey that takes plenty of patience and understanding.

Good parents are willing to listen their childrens opinions, thoughts and feelings and be understanding. Supportive, being parents you are the only support for the children. Also the ideal parent is the one who had many problems at work, but when he comes home he leave those issues aside and try to make me happy and to spend as much time with me! Life brings many failures but learning to cope with them and being encouraged to move on is necessary. All you should know is where you are going wrong and then implement changes for yourself. They constantly affirm their love and affection, both verbally and through their behavior. Make changes for the better.

While t here are numerous qualities required to be a good parent, there are two basic. Being firm and well-disciplined are essential qualities an ideal parent should hav. To develop a child to be a well-behaved and well-mannered individual.