essay on sentence variety

ing adjective states the subject, and gives the predicate. Join complete sentences, clauses, and phrases with coordinators: example: Doonesbury cartoons satirize contemporary politics. The patient looked up. The best-written essays will feature steady variation in sentence length but again with no sentences forced into a more complex mode.

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Essay on sentence variety
essay on sentence variety

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I now look forward to pursuing my long-held interest in law at X school. Although his brightening eyes showed that he appreciated my gesture, pain prevented him from responding any further. From "Am I Blue? Consider the following two sets of evaluation analysis essay examples: before: To this program I will bring a determined spirit, coupled with a strong background in research and volunteer work, which I pursued with energy and a focus on the future that grows ever closer to being within. They prefer to demand that newspapers not carry the strip. This meant, of course: I want an apple.

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essay on sentence variety