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this what the narrator seems to want when she gets to the dance, and isnt this what shes grateful to have found when the boy escorts her home? Self: internal Protagonist struggles to find confidence and acceptance within herself Red symbolizes: Courage, strong emotions, power, strength, sexual impulses, joy, passion, and fierceness. The cubicle in the washroom plays an important role in the reader's understanding of the narrator's adolescence. Is it with regret that she didnt go with Mary, then, that our narrator ends the story with this? As she sits there, she says to herself the words blue with cold, but the day of the dance comes and she is healthy. However it is possible that the narrator is already thinking for herself, the reader aware of just how much importance the narrator places on making a connection with a boy. .

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While a moment before she had felt invigorated by the possibility of escape she now feels invigorated by this reason to stay. "We talked about teachers, and things at school."Â(Munro,. Urged on by her mother and her friend Lonnie, she attends the Christmas Dance, wearing a home-made red dress. Mary Fortune: Popular, and overly responsible. Confident, popular, outgoing "At high school i was never comfortable for a minute." Exposition: The narrator's mother preparing the dress. How did Alice Munro use the different elements of a novel (plot, setting, theme, etc.) to convey her main message? The red dress is a little bit of a red herring, the issue in this story not being a question of style or a question of awkwardness; it is the question of how, when push comes to shove, we are inclined to put people aside, like. (See a Manchester Guardian article on the topic here ). Disappointed to the point of feeling victimized, our narrator watches her mother toil away, getting to her feet with a woeful creaking and sighing, all the while making remarks such as I doubt if she appreciates. My life was possible." Narrator: Lacks confidence in her own value.

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