life is god's most precious gift essay

wills, we shall both live, and do this or that (Jas. Your life on earth is a precious time. Solomon seems to have explored the meaning of his existence in the waning days of his lifeas set forth in the book of Ecclesiastes. Answered by anonymous on 08 Mar 13:18. The way how we share our own life to give life and light to others is our gift to God. Who among us who has reached the maturity of his life does not reflect upon the times of his youth as if they were but moments ago? God has given us all the provisions to live and all the faculties we need to grow as a person.

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As an unnamed woman from ancient Tekoa once said: For we must needs die, and are as water spilt upon the ground, which cannot be gathered up again (2 Sam. So Uncertain, another sobering aspect of life is its dramatic uncertainty. Every under the sun (i.e., earthly) solution that he sought proved to be a dead end. Our body is the temple of Gods Kingdom when we let our soul glitter like diamond upon the eyes of God if sense of righteousness lives within every breath we take as we deal with other people and so with God. On the contrary, human beings feel and are sometimes put in the condition to experiment that what they aspire to is of infinite proportions, something that lives in a non-finite dimension, that they can turn to even in their finiteness. It has nothing to do with murder in this case. Why, then, do millions live as if Jehovah has no claim on them? A relationship is first of all founded on a bond, which human beings vitally need so as not to feel alone; a bond that is not subject to the calculations human economy. It is so down-to-earth in relating the teaching of Jesus Christ to the affairs of daily life.

Or get access to database of 10160 free essays samples about my most precious gift. Changes in My Life after the Divorce of My Parents (665 words, 1 pages). Of religion in that all the aspects seem to point to one fact Man created God.

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