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of ongoing essay cultural differences academic or industrial cooperations). Prerequisites: Good programming skills in C; knowledge of Machine Learning Techniques is desirable. Multiple cameras, computer vision features, positioning data and surveillance of environment factors while assembling laser optics) By using smart devices like data-goggles (Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, etc.) these pieces of information should be displayed to the user in context-sensitive way via extended reality and appropriate.

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Below you find a (non-complete) list of currently open theses and the respective supervisors to contact. Remark: This thesis is supervised by Fraunhofer IPT in close essay about why i chose this college cooperation with. Prerequisites: Good programming skills in C; knowledge of Python is desirable. Multiple sensors and data sources exist in the area of prototypical manufacturing and assembly of micro-components. One important aspect to this behavior is their movement during speech: co-verbal gestures. The thesis topics are usually specified in cooperation with one of our research assistants and/or Prof. Fluid Sketching is a novel medium for creating 3D fluid artwork in immersive virtual environments. Virtual Humans can be embedded into virtual environments to guide the user through scenes and teach or point out interesting areas. Different brush stroke settings are available, varying the characteristics of the fluid. Bachelor and Master Theses, we permanently offer proposals for bachelor and master thesis projects in all areas across our research activities (see our research areas page) and related subjects which cover most topics in Virtual Reality and Scientific Visualization.

Contact: Sevinc Eroglu,. The goal of this thesis is to design, develop and test a system to generate authentic co-verbal gestures using RNNs,.g., Long-Short-Term-Memory (lstm) networks. Master Thesis: Generating co-verbal Gestures for a Virtual Human using Recurrent Neural Networks. Photo: Victor Chavarra for Ovsicori, contact:. The system should become part of an already existing larger software suite to embed believable Virtual Humans into our framework.