teaching high school students how to research papers

in which you were not able to find the information you needed? Here is one of the posters that summarises the tips from this post. In addition, they can put"s around a multi-word phrase if they want a specific search result. Does the website present only one side of the issue, or are multiple perspectives provided? Were very fortunate that many classrooms are now well equipped with devices and internet, so accessing the wealth of information online should be easier than ever, however, there are many obstacles.

By the end of the school year, the students will know more about.
I suggest 5 simple steps to teaching internet research skills and.
Five tips to help your students research and filter information.

Scholarship as a Conversation Is there more than one perspective on a given topic? Obviously, we need to inform students about plagiarism and copyright infringement while giving them the skills they need to avoid this. They should notice that evaluating relevance and accuracy involves considering the quality of the content itself in relation to whats important to their purpose and whether the authors claims are supported with evidence-based factual reasoning. Typing the word site in the search box followed by a colon and a domain after the topic youre looking for accomplishes this. How would you describe your research process? The Google Search Education website is an amazing resource with lessons for beginner/intermediate/advanced plus slideshows and videos. An examination of assignments in Iowa Colleges and Universities. With that, check out these 10 tips for helping students search forand effectively useonline information for classwork. Teaching students solid online search skills is important not only because it will help them produce better work, but also because it prepares them to judge the validity of all sorts of information and to be critical thinkers. Does the URL look like a well known site?