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volatility in the sector. September 30th had been a key deadline as it was the last possible moment that would permit Mexicos current President to sign the deal after the minimum 60-day notice, given that President-elect Obrador will take over on December 1st. Of course, China could impose a higher tariff on a smaller amount of goods to level the playing field, or deploy various non-tariff measures. In turn, our base-case trade scenario has shifted from a slightly negative outcome to a negative one. Actual returns may be higher or lower than those shown and may vary substantially over shorter time periods. At Thesis, we want to make investment individual for you. Case in point, were 11,000 dairy farmers to each donate the 1,550 limit, that would total more than either leading political party earned from all donations in 2017. One is constructive, the other less so: Helpfully, the most likely single scenario has to our eye shifted from a middling Brexit often called the Canadian model to a softish Brexit in which a hybrid customs union features prominently. This note uses the historical relationship between AAA municipal and Treasury rates (the Relationship) to interpret current market levels.

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Beneath the surface, the number was slightly tarnished by a 28K loss of full-time jobs and softer permanent earnings growth. Lets acknowledge a few complicating factors: Productivity growth is probably being underestimated due to the difficulty of measuring services in general, and especially the economy of free. By Ken Leech, august 9, 2018. Since the financial crisis, passive flows into equities have accelerated and as of late they seem to have accelerated on the bond side of the equation as well. As a result, the extra cost is borne directly by the consumer, in contrast to the more common arrangement in the agricultural sector of government subsidies indirectly supported by taxpayer dollars.

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