frederick jackson turner frontier thesis

state agreed to ratify the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery. In the words of historian William Appleman Williams, it rolled through the universities and into popular literature like a tidal wave. Homestead Act 1862 - provided free land in the west as long as the person would settle there and make improvements in five years. The end of the frontier era of continental expansion, Turner reasoned, had thrown the nation back upon itself. At these two institutions he helped build two of the great university history departments of the 20th century and trained many distinguished historians, including Carl Becker, Merle Curti, Herbert Bolton, and Frederick Merk, who became Turners successor at Harvard. Radical Reconstruction, reconstruction strategy that was based on severely punishing the south.

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University of Virginia Hypertexts. 4, one of the main reasons for the intense colonial rivalry that created the need for Indian allies was the fur trade. Republicans promise 1) Remove military from South, 2) Appoint Democrat to cabinet (David Key postmaster general 3) Federal money for railroad construction and levees on Mississippi river. After his graduation from the University of Wisconsin in 1884, Turner decided to become a professional historian, and received his. Scalawags, a derogatory term for Southerners who were working with the North to buy up land from desperate Southerners. Doing so necessarily involved going to war with the English as well, and the course of these wars helped shape the development of all the European colonies, both French and English.