essay on hazrat umar in english

Fewpersons in the history of mankind have displayed better qualities of head and heart than Umar inguiding their armies on the war front, in the discharge of their duties to their people and in adherenceto justice. Victory over Persians: After several sieges and defeats at the hands of Persians, Muslims at last achieved victory over Persians during the reign of Hazrat Umar (RA). Welfare homes and orphanages were built. Caliphate Rubric, hazrat Umar bin Khattab was born in Makah in.

The two young men, whose father he had filled, forgave him. Muslim army defeated Persians in.h. More Essay Examples. There where many people in the court.

In a faltering voice he offered himself for the punishment. His followers grew from day to day. He got awfully infuriated and mercilessly beat him. When asked, he admitted to have hit the man with a stone in anger. . After his becoming Muslim, he was given the title of Al-Farooq meaning the one who distinguishes the right from wrong. But He (R.A) was confident. He wanted them to live peacefuly, serve others, speak the truth and help the needy. One of these persons was Hazrat Umar Farooq who was great both in war and peace. He was an epitome of justice, principles, piety, humility and character. Canals and roads were constructed. He requested the Khalifah to give him three days to.