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each of these ideas as central to the role of both principal and politician. Furthermore, there is the sense that authentic leadership extends beyond self and direct relationships to affect both organisational structures and its values. This develops trust from the followers because it lets them have input in working towards the main objective. As Avolio, Luthans. This form of leadership is still being researched, and will keep developing in the future.

Authentic leadership is a form of leadership that does not have a solid definition.
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4 as cited in Avolio, Gardner., 2004,. Reynold (2009) suggests that their practice may be more sustainable as authentic leaders tend to think longer-term. Another trait that is defined in an authentic leader is the internalized moral perspective trait.

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Indeed benefits may also extend beyond the individual to the organisation as a whole. George defines five characteristics that authentic leaders demonstrate as: they understand their purpose, they hold high values, they have the ability to establish trusting relationships with others, they act on their values and demonstrate self-discipline, and they are passionate about their mission (Northouse, 2013). In that I would like to discuss about the two models of reflection Gibbs model, 1988 Johns model, 1995. Two types of leadership are particularly relevant for nurse leaders. . Hence, authentic leadership is not just about being self-aware but also being aware enough to recognise areas that need improving and developing further. Conclusion, authentic leadership can be viewed from many perspectives, ranging from a synonym for self-awareness to a metaphor for effectiveness. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Balanced processing is the third characteristic of an authentic leader and is another self-regulated process that enables the leader to look at the big picture before making any decisions. Academy of Management Learning Education, 13(2 245-264. Being authentic as a leader works as long as your authentic self is appropriate to context. Transformational leadership is defined as, One who inspires and empowers everyone with the vision of what could be possible (Hood,2010, p 460). . It is believed that these are the four characteristics that really make up an authentic leader.