essay on importance of friend in our life

in school, to office gossip, even clothes before a party, everything seems better when shared with a friend! There are a lot of benefits of friendship. They could have seen us in the ugliest of situations and appearances and they simply do not care about these things and still decide to stick by us through every thick and thin. I know that I would be pretty lost, fairly confused, and I would have a very difficult time communicating with others. Friends accept you for what you are One of the best things about friendship is that in front of friends you can be truly the person you are, and they will love you for.

essay on importance of friend in our life

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Friendship often derives from a common sharing of an interest, usually this sharing is done by two individuals assessable income essay participating in these common activities together. A true friend is there for you in the times of need, he makes you smile when you forgot how to, and lift you up when you cant not lift up yourself. We make friends and maintain a closely knit relationship with them because friends not only take away the feeling of void from your life; rather they also make us feel secure and accompanied as an individual. Ill be there for you, because youre there for me too. T have my friends that I had growing up, I would be a very different person today. True friendship can cross the narrow barriers of religion,financial status,color,sex,even country.Remember the first friend that we made in our Playschool or nursery we did not make that person our friend because he was rich or good looking,he became a friend because we liked him.

So why are friends so important in our lives? A good friend is always loyal to you and never lets you down. Sharing teaches us to be unselfish and generous and is one of the sweetest aspects of friendship. Well,friendship consists of true friends that can make you laugh when skies are the darkest, true friends that will even hurt you only if its for your own good, friends that will protect you under any circumstances and friends that will make you feel like.

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