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his mind, to the point where the ugliness did not bother him anymore due to shutting his mind off as a means of self preservation, he fell into. Frankl states that prisonersand all peoplemust have a future goal to look forward. Although he was Jewish, Frankl was protected from arrest by the Nazis for a time because of his work as a doctor. . The first phase is characterized by the symptom of shock. Frankl writes that the inmates largely regressed to a more primitive level due to the conditions of camp life, and the need for food was the primitive drive on which their desires centered. Still, many considered committing suicide by running into the electrified barbed wire that surrounded the camp. Thinking of loved ones, recalling the past, exercising a sense of dark humor, and experiencing brief glimpses of the beauty of art and nature were all methods of survival in the camps. Since fate seemed to be in control, however, making decisions could be tortuous.

This allowed him to cope with the nastiness that surrounded his every waking moment. Suffering and dying are, much as we might wish it otherwise, part of a complete life. Frankl came to realize that man can and will survive even the most extreme conditions if he or she has a strong reason to live: a purpose or meaning in life that motivates him or her. Specifically, when he was arrested he had a draft manuscript of his theory on psychotherapy with him. . The postscript, The Case for a Tragic Optimism, explores the idea of saying yes to life in spite of everything. One of the reasons suffering is significant is because it has the ability research paper on microcontroller pdf to bring out strength and endurance in people. Plot Summary, mans Search for Meaning details the author, Victor Frankls experience in a concentration camp and his attempts to overcome and understand the trauma of that experience. In the camps, the feeling of being totally at the mercy of fate was inescapable. A popular theory is that suffering is necessary in the everyday lives of human beings, and that it adds value to their lives. The papers were confiscated, but he thought about his writing often and made efforts to preserve it by taking shorthand notes on scraps of paper. . It is this spiritual freedomwhich cannot be taken awaythat makes life meaningful and personal.

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