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B.M.: Yes, yes, exactly. A novel does a much better job, I think, in taking people out of their lives because you have time to go deeper into. And I had to think about it because, of course, I didnt intend that. Re-read lines 2-8 and find examples of Cheerful -creating a vivid image in the readers mind. Pigs in Heaven The most important thing about a person is always the thing you dont know. They tend to be much more open-ended. Whereas a short story could never do that, it would just be too obvious. I just want to ask you now, did you see that I edited The Best American Short-Stories? When this giant new tap turned on, developers drew up plans to roll pink stucco subdivisions across the desert in all directions. Nobody in America makes a living as a poet, by writing poetry.

You have to do a lot of the work; thats absolutely true. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying it should reason why a scholarship helps for an essay be this way, but. It feels like going nowhere. Animal Dreams Fiction cultivates empathy for a theoretical stranger by putting you inside his head, allowing you to experience life from his point of view. And I dont know why because were famous for having a short attention span! B.M.: Yes, You remember?

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