photosynthesis experiment with elodea

will be shown how carbon dioxide affects the rate of photosynthesis: Before deducing a hypothesis an in depth knowledge of the process of photosynthesis is required. Take the temperature and begin counting the number of bubbles again for one minute. This was done to try and test whether or not the amount of CO2 would affect the rate of photosynthesis. Store in a refrigerator at. In the cell, nadp is the electron acceptor which is reduced in the light-dependent reactions, and which provides electrons and hydrogen for the light-independent reactions. The concentration amounts will be changed from being.4grams each time.2grams. Note 4 health Safety and Technical notes. You can examine a drop of the sediment extract with a microscope under high power to see chloroplasts. The reliability of the experiment was high due to the fact that the repeated readings for each concentration are very close for example.2M the difference in the change in mass is only.01g.

Using a micro-centrifuge The experiment was repeated using a micro-centrifuge. For the reduction of carbon dioxide to carbohydrate there must be a source of electrons.

Chloroplast suspension was kept in a salt-ice bath. Dcpip solution (Low Hazard (1 x 10-4 M approx.) (. It is available online and from some pet shops and aquarium suppliers. Pipette filler, waterproof pen to label tubes, colorimeter and tubes or light sensor and data logger.05 M phosphate buffer solution,.0: Store in a refrigerator at 04 C (. However, we would not recommend growing this in school ponds, as it is an invasive species that can cause harm to invertebrates and fish. There will be fewer chloroplasts in the supernatant which decolourises the dcpip more slowly, reinforcing the idea that the reduction is the result of chloroplast activity. It is very important to all living organisms as it produces oxygen as an excretory product, which humans depend. The reason for this change was because,.4g was producing many results and when another amount.4g would be added it would be very difficult to count all the bubbles being more. Light 6H2O 6CO2 C6H12O6 6O2 Water carbon chlorophyll glucose oxygen dioxide It can be seen from the equation that water and carbon dioxide are very important in photosynthesis as without the process cannot take place. Diffusion is the net movement of molecules down their concentration gradient. Gather the edges of the muslin, wring thoroughly into the beaker, and add filtrate to the centrifuge tubes. One of the main factors is to consider how carbon dioxide enters the palisade cell.