life desert essay

deserts. They may be only slightly warmer than the surrounding desert. Many desert plants are annual s, which means they only live for one season. Deserts contain special geologic features including alluvial fans hogbacks and hoodoos. Subtropical Deserts, subtropical desert s are caused by the circulation patterns of air mass. One thing all deserts have in common is that they are arid, or dry. The Mojave Desert, in southern California and Nevada, for instance, is sinking due to aquifer depletion. These activities include overgrazing of livestock, deforestation, overcultivation of farmland, and poor irrigation practices. Dromedary camels, native to the Arabian and Sahara deserts, can lose up to 30 percent of their body weight without harm. The ancient Anasazi peoples of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico constructed huge apartment complexes in the rocky cliff s of the Sonoran Desert.

life desert essay

Two dry for life: the Atacama Desert and Mars. Desert essaysA desert is basically a wilderness or a wasteland. There is little mo isture and poor soil such as sand gravel or rock.

In some deserts, temperatures rise so high that people are at risk of dehydration and even death. Wind is the primary sculptor of a deserts hills of sand, called dunes. Many countries are working to reduce the rates of desertification. Desert s are areas that receive very little precipitation.

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Nomad s move frequently so their flocks of sheep and goats will have water and grazing land. Although the word desert may bring to mind a sea of shifting sand, dune s cover only about 10 percent of the worlds deserts. This heavy fog drifts onto land. More than 30 percent of the grasslands of Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia are faced with desertification. Straw is poked partway into the sand, forming a pattern of small squares along the contours of the dunes. Saguaro cactuses, which live in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northern Mexico, expand like accordions to store water in the cells of their trunks and branches. In the 1930s, parts of the Great Plains of North America became the Dust Bowl through a combination of drought and poor farming practices. Interior Deserts Interior desert s, which are found in the heart of continents, exist because no moisture-laden winds reach them.

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