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time, it might've broken apart from Pangaea and moved south. Sand and gravel in long rows showed that the middle of the Sahara Desert was once covered in a glacier. Plate tectonics, or plate movements, have changed the way geologists think about the Earth. Long ago, people thought that the Earth never changed. This theory explains not only about how ancient crust is destroyed along destructive plate margins, but it also explains how new ocean floor is created. In the rocks at the top of the Himalaya Mountains, scientists found many fossils. Overtime, scientists realized that fossils were found in places where they should not. Details major plates and how the theory helps predicts earthquakes. There are nine major plates.

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We have solved many of the Earth's mysteries by understanding plate tectonics. Antarctica was most likely near the equator millions of years ago. Sea-floor spreading is also the movement of crust away from the mid-ocean ridges. Plate tectonics is a combination of two ideas, sea-floor spreading and continental drift. When the continents and oceans move about the surface, it is similar to passengers on a raft. Convection currents will "carry" the oceanic plate back to the mantle, after going under the continental plate. The Earth's surface is broken into many different sections, called plates. In Antarctica, fossils of trees, ferns, and plant-eating dinosaurs were found. When the oceanic plate slides against the underside of the continental plate, it causes earthquakes. The United States and Alaska are located on the North American Plate, but Hawaii is on the Pacific Plate. Those people thought that it was exactly like it has always been. This theory has helped scientists to predict many large Earthquakes.

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