jazz music history essay

or 'rent party.' For the literary group, pick a few favorite pieces of prose and poetry by one or more of the Harlem Renaissance writers to read and discuss. Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance. Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, June. Blue ml 6) Langston Hughes: Voice Among Voices.C. Cotton Club Revues ml Take a tour through a collection of sheet music covers that feature the music of the Cotton Club. Belton ml 3) Harlem Renaissance Births a Black Culture.

Harlem Renaissance

jazz music history essay

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Johnson Harlem http www. You can find lots of possibilities on the 'bonus' site for this project: Biographies of the Harlem Renaissance. Harder - A major factor leading to the rise of the Harlem Renaissance was the migration of African-Americans to the northern cities. You may find some help in selection and resources at Biographies of the Harlem Renaissance. . Frame M 3) Harlem Renaissance: A WebQuest. Complete a Harlem Renaissance Biography. Guide to Harlem Renaissance Materials from the Library of Congress ml, this guide presents the Library's diversity in the medical field essay resources as well as links to external Web sites on the Harlem Renaissance and a bibliography. Compare and Contrast the Lives and Work. Be sure to check it out! Riccio ml Here is a series of lesson plans on the folktales of Zora Neale Hurston.

For the rent party, make sure to find and play some music of the time period. Create A Harlem Renaissance Poster. Johnson ml 3) Making of African American Identity: Volume III, from the National Humanities Ctr. Drop Me Off in Harlem from, artsEdge discover the themes and works of the Harlem Renaissance. Start by selecting an important person of the era. Compare and contrast their endeavors and accomplishments.

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