research paper multicultural psychology

has changed, and continues to change, the way people think about all aspects how to take better photographs essay writing of human behavior. This subspecialty can be seen as enhancing the fields of psychology since cultural differences are viewed as part of humanity. The development of multiculturalism as a subspecialty of psychology has made it easy in conducting investigations in these diverse societies. In the United States, for instance, people from different parts of the world (immigrants) came together to form the present day America. This may explain why psychology was slow to embrace the study of multicultural issues. White populations were treated as the standard against which minority groups were measured. With the development of the 2002 guidelines for multicultural psychology, this field has made significant progress as a subspecialty of psychology. From a multicultural perspective, this makes little sense. In this field, it is assumed that cultural contact and the characteristics, values, and behaviors that are associated with cultures govern all aspects of human behavior, including a persons perception of the self, other people, and things. There are several reasons why it was necessary to develop multicultural psychology as a unique field of study.

Research paper multicultural psychology
research paper multicultural psychology

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Multiculturalism, therefore, has helped in addressing serious problems that could not be dealt with by cal state los angeles thesis earlier researchers. Jackson, Yolanda.,. The broadening of perspective of psychological research to include cultural considerations has helped in the elimination of stereotype tendencies. We can conclude, therefore, that multicultural psychology is a dynamic subspecialty of psychology that is transforming the way of looking at cultural diversity, particularly in the study of human behaviors. The society has always been faced with the challenge to understand the different cultures that are practiced by mankind.

research paper multicultural psychology

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