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Today, the word intersectional is also often invoked in everyday conversation. There can be two reasons for this deplorable scene of Indian politics. Women comprise over 35 percent of the lower house in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Demark; 15 percent or less are seen in parliaments within ten countries (Karp Banducci, 2008). . Politics is the art of governing the policies, people and framing rules for the well being of common people. In smaller countries the reproductive element of women was viewed to be very specific and had a more collective importance. Women constitute 48 of the Pakistans population that is not being utilized in the national development due to their low skill, less education and less empowerment in the realm of politics.

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GradeSaver, 30 September 2018 Web. Cultural theorists, literary scholars, activists, and political pundits have all learned from Crenshaws writing. Many women nowadays cannot participate in politics because a number of barriers can face it, such as poverty, violence, lack of access to education and healthcare etc. In many ways, a countrys culture is a reflection of the impact of its history has on popular values today. It is obvious that how to begin an essay on corporate responsibility the process of integration of women in politics goes extremely slow. If the country is known for the more strict regime or lets say is inclined to authoritarianism regime then the participation of women is fewer in comparison with democratic countries. The benefits of having more women in office not only show how far we have come as a country but it has been proven that women who run for office have more bills passed that deal with issues like. The article, originally published in the. We cannot say that female participation in politics is crucial because women are smarter kinder or altruistic than men. I am going to discuss contemporary politics issues such poverty, reform and representation and relate them to British politics. In the past 25 years since the article was published, Crenshaws analysis has been extended to analyze other incidents beyond violence against women.

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