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work of scholarship. . The OA repositories themselves give a good sense of the numerator, or the number that are actually OA at a given time. . From the article: "A courageous young notebook computer committed a fatal, self-inflicted execution error late Sunday night, selflessly giving its own life so that professors, academic advisors, classmates, and even future generations of college students would never have to read Jill Samoskevich's 227-page master's thesis. Beyond education, the university can use its policies to counteract this bad advice. . The deposit process and benefits are just about the same, and the students will want to enhance the visibility and impact of both kinds of work. . This should take place immediately upon final approval (say, within a couple of days or a week). . Jsf With one exception, everything from my slide presentation and talk is present and more fully developed here. . Hence there are no publishers in the picture to resist or oppose. . The more comprehensive our database is, the more useful it is to everyone! The low-hanging fruit -in the words of the boai- is the literature that "scholars give to the world without expectation of payment". . It will deliver greater benefits.

Proceedings 8th International Electronic Theses and Dissertations Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 2005. They need to know that whatever anecdotal evidence they may have is negated by Gail McMillan's systematic survey evidence. . The fear is justified in a small number of cases and unjustified in most. .

Access dissertations
access dissertations

Moreover, many details from dissertations never make it into journal articles, and many dissertation topics are too narrow to justify book publication. But even knowledgeable young scholars may not have much experience providing OA to their own work, let alone support and reinforcement from an important research institution. . This policy not only proclaims that research good enough for internal recognition is good enough for external distribution. . By contrast, your dissertation was vetted by your faculty committee for months or even years. . Dissertations are more like preprints than postprints in the sense that they're not formally peer-reviewed. . All teachers know that students work harder and do better work when they know they are writing for a real audience -large or small- beyond the teacher. . By making ETDs visible, OA helps the readers who wouldn't otherwise have ready access. . The university asks for a new and significant work of scholarship and most students deliver one. . Ml Edward Fox, It is easy for universities to support free culture with digital libraries: The ndltd Example, presented at the MetaScholar Initiative (Emory University May 5, 2005. .

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