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numerous other published articles deal with communication skills relating to delivering bad news to patients. The appropriate vocabulary to use and the information to be shared can also be reviewed ahead of the interview to assure that the NP feels prepared and less anxious. In situations involving cancer, patients report that the most important component of the process of breaking bad news is the content itself, specifically the expertise and the specific detail that is provided during the conversation. 15, 16 At the conclusion of the discussion, both the NP and the patient should leave with a clear plan of the steps that need to be taken and the roles each will play in taking those steps.

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The junior doctor had discussed these results with Mr M, whilst he remained on the ward and without another member of staff with him during the conversation. Although a nurse may not be delivering bad news directly, it is an inescapable part of healthcare (Price, 2006) and an integral part of their role (Tobin Begley, 2008). If the person starts to cry, take a break and be sure essay about living a healthy life that they are once again ready to move forward. Print, reference this, published: Mon, im writing a reflective essay based on Gibbs model of refection, this is a six stage evaluation process and promotes good practice through evaluation of experiences, aids learning and better understanding on how to deal with similar situations in future. I often say, "I have never had to walk in your shoes and I hope that I never will, but I can help you through this." It is helpful to ask someone, "What are you feeling?" and to empathize with them by saying, "This must. As evidenced above, ample resources are available for improving one's skill in delivering bad news, from numerous published articles to online tools such as VitalTalk.

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