traditional and alternative medicine essay

safe and effective. What is more, sometimes people have a real dangerous indisposition like cancer and then we must have an operation. Alternative medicine also cuts personal health care costs. It's very short essay on art and craft believed that aroma oils have a beneficial effect on nervous system and helps to relieve from a burden on a soul. Finally, the medicine is derived from natural materials such as herbs.

The second one preferred using some alternative methods like aromatherapy, herbalism, nestitherapy in order to avoid surgical treatment. Secondly, some methods do work much better than methods of conventional medicine. And finally, keeping in mind the fact that sometimes doctors aren't able to determine a diagnosis, patients, being in a chronic condition, are ready to try everything that can help to recover.

Essay on Alternative medicine, throughout history people, being passionately obsessed with the idea of being healthy, strong and good looking, tried to find a means to get a chance to live out their dream. The side effects of some medicines make you feel even more sick than you already were. Thirdly, alternative remedies have far less side effects. Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I strongly believe that alternative medicine can be effective in treatment of many ailments.

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Therefore, few side effects are expected to show when a patient takes complementary medicine. Patients can spend less on alternative medicine than in conventional treatments. Moreover, it's much better to use aromatherapy than being addicted to antidepressant which causes side effects. First, alternative medical therapies give users several options that are not available with conventional medicine. A lot of doctors do not believe in effectiveness of alternative therapy, but the shopping hobby essay survey shows that more than 50 of people would use an alternative medicine if they had a serious health problem. Therefore, human beings decided to draw their attention to medicine. It is a good way to cure the addictions. Second, people often try such treatment because of recommendations from friends, and therefore come to the therapist with a very positive attitude, which may be part of the reason for the cure. Alternative therapies also put more emphasis on healing the whole person, instead of just focusing on the disease. First of all, the conventional medicine is based on research. Firstly, alternative medications are safer than many prescribed drugs since they are natural.