how to survive freshman year of college essay

everywhere. Then, you should go to your school's security department, or alternatively, the Department of Judicial Affairs for your school. An added bonus is that the week feels a lot shorter. So, the first week of entering college, enjoy becoming a college student and get the feel for what is required for each class by listening to the professor. They are there to help you succeed." Amber Thichangthong, Old Dominion University Your class schedule is probably one of the biggest changes youll notice at college.

Sleep clears toxins from the brain, and it's important for your health. I never joined an organization or a club and didnt bother getting involved because I didnt have the confidence that I have now. By getting engaged in various clubs, activities, and volunteer opportunities within the campus community, many doors opened for me as a student."  Jessica Szumski, Misericordia University "Join those organizations as a freshman that you are passionate about, especially those that have a direct connection. For example, if you like to hang out or party on weekends, you might study harder on weeknights. Personal preferences vary, but be considerate of your roommate. Your family can help you sort out problems, and they can be there for you when you just want to chat. From the alluring appeal of your cozy bed, blaring sounds of music, your roommates problems or chatter, to the need to tidy up your room before you study when youre trying to study and/or procrastinate everything becomes an excuse.

I definitely fell into that category. . Theft and lost items can happen on campuses. It's very normal to call more often when you're just starting school, and when you're having a tougher time. Method 6 Getting Involved 1 Explore around campus. Lauren Herskovic, lauren Herskovic has been guiding students through the college transition since she herded her hallmates to a weird party their first night on campus. There should always be a clear, wide walking path so that no one steps on anything. Your first couple years in college, you're surrounded by kids with all different majors. Cheer them on when they face challenges. College will be way different, especially if you're attending a competitive institution. 3 Avoid over-stressing about grades. A pair of cheap flip-flops will. Even rephrasing and summarizing what the author has written in that sentence may help you to better understand the text.

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