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were dismissed at the end of the war to make way for returning men. There was no radical change in gender roles but the war intensified occupational trends under way since the 1920s. 93 Economy edit Although Germany had about double the population of Britain (80 million versus 46 million it had to use far more labor to provide food and energy. Canadian children were barred from active military duty for obvious reasons, but many of them were keen to participate in other ways. 22 However the demand for their nursing services remained strong, and after 1800 the sisters reappeared and resumed their work in hospitals and on rural estates. Mark Donnelly, Britain in the Second World War (1999) is a short survey Angus Calder, The People's War: Britain, 193945 (1969) is the standard scholarly history. 85 The population halved, from.6 million in 1941 to 750,000 at war's end because of fleeing refugees; they returned in 1945. This failed with defeats in Russia in 19, and against the economic power of the allies. The number of active graduate nurses rose rapidly from 51,000 in 1910 to 375,000 in 1940 and 700,000 in 1970.

History of nursing, wikipedia M: The Forbidden, zone: A Nurse's Impressions

"Empire, Gender and the 'Home Front' in Fascist Italy." Women's History Review 16#4 (2007 487-500. 22 The tkk dissertation Jewish ration fulfilled just.5 of their daily needs; Polish rations only. 112 Japanese Rice Supply Domestic production 9,928 9,862 10,324 9,107 8,245 9,999 9,422 8,784 6,445 Imports 2,173 2,546 1,634 1,860 2,517 2,581 1, All rice 12,101 12,408 11,958 10,967 10,762 12,580 10,605 9,658 6,713 Deaths edit The American aerial bombing of a total. Polish Society under German Occupation: The Generalgouvernement, 19391944. The iode, one of Canadas leading national womens organizations, launched a campaign to raise funds for a hospital ship immediately upon the outbreak of war in 1914, calling upon Canadian women to play their natural role of healing and saving wounded troops. 26 Warsaw Uprising of 1944 edit The uprising by Poles began on August 1, 1944, when the Polish underground, the "Home Army aware that the Soviet Army had reached the eastern bank of the Vistula, sought to liberate Warsaw much as the French resistance had. 28 In general, the tools, dies and production technology were moved, along with the blueprints and their management, engineering staffs and skilled labor.

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