short term and long term memory research paper

are used to temporarily store, organize, and manipulate information. For instance, a phone number does not go through consolidation, it does not become a long-term memory and will not be remembered. Encoding (primarily acoustic, even translating visual information into sounds). Rehearsal can also help information make it into long-term memory. Long Term Memory, multi-Store Model of Memory, working Memory. It takes place with repetition and review.

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An example of working memory is playing a video game, for example. Atkinson and Shiffrin 1968) see short term memory simply as a temporary storage depot for incoming information, whereas others (e.g. Baddeley,.D., Hitch,. More recent research suggests that people are capable of storing approximately four chunks or pieces of information in short-term memory. Studies of rats found that that more genes are expressed during sleep, and activities displayed during spatial learning are replayed in the hippocampus during sleep. You can increase the duration of short-term memories to an extent by using rehearsal strategies such as saying the information aloud or mentally repeating. Instead of just reviewing the information once or twice, you might go over your notes over and over again until the critical information is committed to memory. The psychology of learning and motivation: Advances in research and theory (Vol. Short-term memory, on the other hand, refers only to the temporary storage of information in memory.

However, Miller didnt specify the amount of information that can be held in each slot. Without rehearsing or continuing to repeat the number until it is committed to memory, the information is quickly lost from short-term memory. In other words, short-term memory holds about 5-9 items at one time. How exactly does this take place? When they recalled the words after an interval (LTM they performed the same on the acoustic lists but there were differences on the semantic lists.

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