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he not sided with Lalu Prasad - a symbol of anarchy. He is only worried about his political alliance with the BJP and not about the Sikh people, said a Sikh leader adding that the chief minister should be made to undergo a lie-detector lies to expose many more false claims.

Neighbour s envy, owner s pride!
Envy and Jealousy : The difference between these two words
Neighbour s envy, owner s pride HitXP by Gurudev

She said: "Our village is better off in terms of roads, schools, power supply and other development parameters.". Neelam, from Aurangabad in Bihar, married Umesh of Hariharganj in the late-1980s when Bihar and Jharkhand were one state. Even the punters are here because the horses are running. During its resumed hearing, a Haryana law officer turned the tables: He claimed that the company never completed the road and that the completion certificate was obtained through unfair means. Last winter, 20 races went void for paucity of runners, costing the owners. Are the owners getting the recognition and respect they deserve? But tongue in cheek,. He argues that since these substances do not influence the performance of the horses, it would be prudent to punish these offences with fines rather than suspensions. The kroa has taken the issue of levying profession tax on race owners to the court. Flying high, haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and his MP son Deepender Singh Hooda are flying high these days, particularly after they added another feather to their caps two airports, at Karnal and Hisar. Reactivation in right earnest.