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about. She is a very hard worker and makes sure that every lesson she teaches keeps the students interested and learning. Some one who I never feel awkward talking to about my problems because I know that it will not change their opinion of me and they will not reveal any two methods of losing weight thesis statement information about me to anyone. I've seen my mother play first string violin at a packed concert house and I've seen her dance and be-bop around the house, mocking my sister and. My mom is pretty tall I would say, but not to tall. How she would always find the littlest things to complain to me about such as not doing my chorous and yelling me to do home-work even if I tell her i dont have any. She taught my siblings and I to treat everyone we meet with respect and to act with humility. We go shopping and have a blast every time. Ever since I could remember she has been right beside me supporting any dream or goal I was trying to reach.

Her hard work throughout the years to support us, putting up with the fights me and annoying sister would have. However, she held me high and let me do what I knew I loved instead of encouraging me to go into a more "stable" field. No matter if she is dressed casual or professional she always looks clean cut and ready for anything that may come. She has been teaching at Rhodes Junior High for almost 10 years as a seventh grade science teacher.

After Dylan arrived on the scene she had a bad case of post when one door shuts another opens essay mortem depression and after Elijah was born the depression became much more sincere. My mother is very kind, strong, and hardworking. All of this has come from one special person who has given me love and support since the day I was born. Some may say it's easy to choose your mother for a role model, that it's a no-brainer. My father is a real understanding person. This is because my father has also taught me that to be a person in the future, by being a veterinarian, it will give other the hope and desire by saying it I can do it so can you. I am very lucky to of inherited my moms genes.

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