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Are all lobes made equal? Hamlyn, Joanna Elizabeth (2015) Measuring and modelling the crustal response to the 2011 eruption of Nabro volcano, Eritrea. Dixon, Jami Louise (2014) Smallholder farming systems, adaptive capacity, and climate change in Uganda: insights for adaptation planning. Davies, William Thomas Ronald (2018) Making sense of complex socio-ecological issues: a frame-analysis of Arctic natural resource development. Department of English 194, computer Science mmss senior thesis statement and Engineering Program 194, department of Supply Chain Management 191, department of Finance 190, harrington Bioengineering Program 177, mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Program 176, school of Human Evolution and Social Change 176, school of Nutrition and Health Promotion 164. Witts, James David (2016) Marine biodiversity during the latest Cretaceous in Antarctica and the nature of the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction. Hamilton, Douglas Stephen (2016) Effects of natural aerosols on climate. Collings, David A T (2014) The tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Rhodope Massif, Bulgaria. Bots, Pieter (2011) Experimental investigation of calcium carbonate mineralogy in past and future oceans. To identify specific theses from this time period, Barrett maintains.

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2018 Basupi, Lenyeletse Vincent (2018) Pastoralism and Land Tenure Transformation: Policy Implications and Livelihoods Adaptations in Botswana. This list was generated on Mon Oct 8 10:53:10 2018 BST. Salisbury, Dominic James (2014) The variability and forcing of ocean whitecaps and their impact on air-sea fluxes. Brooke, Jennifer Kathleen time management methods essay (2014) Airborne observations of the physical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosol. Frost, Daniel Andrew (2014) Seismic observation of the Earths small-scale structure. Harper, Nicholas Philip John (2013) Assessing the mechanical state of sediment and rock during deformation: the example of the Bude Formation, South-west England. Comyns, Breeda Bernadette (2013) Corporate sustainability reporting: Towards an understanding of reporting quality. Andersen Chinbuah, Arturo Alfred (2016) The societal metabolism and resource curse of developing economies: a comparative study of Ghana and Ivory Coast. Baker, Timothy Peter (2014) The Dynamics of the Cold Conveyor Belt and Sting Jet in an Extratropical Cyclone and the Influence of Diabatic Processes.

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