essay on reading newspaper in urdu

marking instructions and/or the coursework assessment task(s). In such a vast country as India it is not surprising if there are a few traitors. Patriotism and nationalism is one and the same thing for both believe in putting national interests above other international considerations. Assessment, these illustrate the standard, structure and requirements of the question papers learners will sit.

All kinds of books are available in our school library such as books on literature, history, civics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, painting, music, sports, magic, geography, zoology etc. Narrow self-interests and self-aggrandisement is the guiding principle of the life of such abominable people. Healthy patriotism teaches us to love out county with all our heart and to do everything in our power to make our country happy, great and glorious. . Such patriotism as encourages narrow, parochial fanaticism is a bad type of patriotism which has no place in a fastly progressing civilization of today. A nation is not only a physical entity of land, rivers, mountains, industries, etc. Patriotism is of two kinds: the first is a healthy one and should be encouraged while the second one is of an undesirable kind and should be condemned. . Patriotism is one of the strongest human sentiments. The reading room has a large round table. 3, my School Library, a library is a must for a good school.