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To find out what it's like to be in a medical editor's shoes, try the following test. Current Drug Targets, clinical Breast Cancer, clinical Cancer Research. The prevalence of tuberculosis infection among hospital health-care workers reported this year (50 cases per 10,000) increased 5-fold from that reported last year (10 per 10,000). How can I help you get published? Identify errors in grammar and spelling, lapses in clarity, and problems in logic, precision, and consistency. To close it, click anywhere on the page. Of the 250 participants in our bone density study, we excluded 10 (5) who already suffered from osteoporosis. If you are a medical or scientific author, you may find it difficult to step back and notice areas that require revision in your own work (I find the same with my own writing). Click on the incorrect word or phrase to hold the box open.

The BioMedical Editor is a scientific and medical editing service for authors in research, health care, and scholarly communities.
A medical editor not only corrects spelling and grammar errors, but also helps make your scientific writing clear and precise.
Put yourself in a medical editor 's shoes - try this editing test.
FOR more than 2 decades, The Medical Editor has provided high-quality, yet affordable, medical and scientific editing for physicians, scientists, publishers, and industry around the world.

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She queries you about problems with logic, organization, and missing information. We had three main goals in this study: the analysis of the relationship between the two variables and to synthesize previous research findings. None of the analyses correlates with the preliminary test cores. For more information about my editing services, please visit the. We reviewed the patient's past history, diagnostic studies and laboratory reports. Science Editing Services page. Instructions: Identify the errors in a sentence (2 in each). A good medical editor adopts the reader's point of view but upholds the author's voice. Journal of Clinical Pathology. From, what Does a Medical Editor Do?