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faulty assumptions and unsuibstantiated conclusion of Wilf Ewens in their claim that there was plenty of time for Darwinian macro-evolution. Feedback On-Line Resources TOP Feedback from Readers (positive, negative and in-between) accompanied by responses, where appropriate. Origins: Deception by Omission (Jorge Fernandez)documents how Talk. Hydrothermal Origin of Life? Theobald published a lengthy and accusatory response to Part 1. Reappraising the Crown Jewel (Ashby Camp)shows that the evidence for the alleged reptile-to-mammal transition (frequently cited as proof of evolution) is much weaker than evolutionists would have one believe.

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Hox (Homeobox) GenesEvolutions Saviour? Wallace)a response to Schneiders critical summary of their earlier exchange on thermodynamics, etc. Evolution: The Creation Myth of Our Culture (D. The Moon: The Light that Rules the Night (Jonathan Sarfati)a treatment of the earth-moon system and its implications for the creation-evolution debate. Wallace)Commentary on the latest sophomoric scholarship and bigotry invoked by a pillar of American mainstream science. Goulds recent abandonment of his former masquerade concerning religion and science. Paleontology TOP The Overselling of Whale Evolution (Ashby Camp)suggests that the fossil evidence for the land mammal-to-whale transition is not persuasive, let alone conclusive. Sarfatis response to the National Academy of Sciences book that advocates the teaching of evolution exclusively as science in the classroom. Ghost Craters in the Sky (Helen Fryman)Lunar geology falls far short of supporting evolutionists belief in.5 billion year old moon. On the Alleged Dinosaurian Ancestry of Birds (Ashby Camp)examines the fossil evidence vis-vis the ever popular dinosaur-to-bird evolutionary scenario. Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium (T. Advocates of evolutionary theory practice evolutionism when they routinely invoke (and dogmatically defend) naturalistic and humanistic philosophical presuppositions, and arbitrarily apply those presuppositions to their interpretation of the available empirical data. .

The TrueOrigin Archive is a mainly science-based response to the essentially religious trilogy of evolutionism, scientism, and naturalism which is popularly perceived as science in contemporary western culture.
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