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medical care. We all know that opportunistic young Thai women have been marrying or shacking up with older Western men for decades. Cambodia does have excellent nightlife, but theres absolutely nothing to do during the day no decent parks, cinemas, museums, malls, libraries, etc. This is a big one. This entry was posted in Commentary, Expat Life and tagged 7 reasons, gavinmac.

Of course shell tell you that she supports your decision, because thats what good mothers. Cambodia is full of dangers, and very few of the locals even know basic first aid. Cambodia still has a notorious reputation, and its hard to get a good job when the hiring manager who reviews your application says, This candidate has a fascinating resumé. Youll likely start out making about 8 10 per hour, which would be the bare minimum wage in many Western countries.

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Lets assume that your children are lucky and 17 comparing the two essays it's obvious quizet that the Cambodian diseases, traffic accidents, and poor medical care dont kill them. In exchange, the Western man moves the Thai woman to a proper Western country, or he builds her an oversized house in her home province that is the envy of all her slutty, gold-digging friends. You may be able to find a hot young wife in Cambodia, but unless you are transferred there by a multinational company, youre not going to make any decent money working in Cambodia. You may be thinking, But I heard I can teach English and live like a king making 1,200 per month in Cambodia. Cambodia is a horrible place to raise a child. Back home your name may be Robert Jenkins; in Cambodia youll be NoseHair Bob. Even though you have little in common with these people, you will become friends out of necessity, because you need someone to drink with and they need someone to drink with. You may fancy the idea of moving to wild Cambodia, but the true test of being a good parent is whether you place your childs safety and security above your own interests.

The impoverished Thai woman reluctantly allows the older Western mans unsightly, wrinkled penis to enter her vagina from time to time. Dont be a selfish ass who passes that responsibility off on your siblings so that you can live 8,000 miles away in Cambodia getting drunk by.m. While children may be coddled and overprotected in Western societies, they are simply left to their Darwinian fate in Cambodia.