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Rob Hoegee, Jessica Rhoades, Loretta Ramos, Sara Lohman, and Erin Conroy. Aside of eyeing the scope that filmmaking can bring for a tiny 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, Clarisse also dreams of seeing stories from Seychelles being told beyond the archipelago. Film is all about story telling. The Ocean In Between (2013) - Sara Masetti, centered on the universal search for home, The Ocean in Between is an autobiographical documentary about my bicultural identity and sense of guilt as a first generation Italian emigrant daughter. Davis, out of Order is a documentary film that explores the emotional and physical aspects of living with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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The film's authoritative perspective guides the viewer not only in a direction of observation but personal connection to nostalgia of small communities. The Mentors, mentors fulfill an essential role in helping students transition from the academic to the professional world. These movies already have their markets but who will tell our own stories if we only look at Hollywood stories, said Clarisse. Clip: Iman the Light Warriors. Understanding how to tell a good story and how to reach an audience are basic skills that every good producer possesses whether for movies, television, Internet, mobile devices, video games or sports entertainment. For their second year students choose either the Feature or Television Thesis tracks. Students are assigned industry professionals who offer comprehensive critiques based on their own professional experience and knowledge. The main subject will give character to this agency by blurring the lines of his life as an agent and as a citizen. Students will form collaborative teams and work towards a funded graduation project. Mineola (2015) - Lauren Cater, mineola is a poetic, observational, immersive documentary centered in the town of Mineola, Texas. In addition to Introduction to Producing, students also take lecture and seminar courses dealing with a variety of topics, including: feature and television development, film structure, studio and network management, production planning, budgeting and scheduling, entertainment law and business negotiation, marketing and distribution.