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assigned to one of these houses, where residential and social activities are organized. This isnt the time to talk about a unique reason why you want to go there, as much as it is an opportunity to discuss which value makes Bowdoin a great fit for you. We have advised students to think of this as a space for creative writing, or something that isnt present in your application or the additional information section that you want to share. Alternately, they can speak on their aspirations for college that arent academic in nature, or could apply to various academic fields: for example, a desire to develop strong writing or research skills.

How to Write the Bowdoin College Essays
Intellectual engagement, Common Good, Connection to Place
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Reflecting on your own interests and experiences, please select and respond to one of the following topics: Intellectual Engagement, the Common Good, connection to Place, this question works as a version of the. Thus, in writing your essay, your primary objective should be to clearly describe what you intend to study and why the college is the best place for you to study.

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Bowdoin was one of the first selective colleges to make the SAT or ACT optional for applicants. Why is that connection important and what drew you to Bowdoin so much so that you want to attend the college and spend 4 years in this place? In addition to its location (truly in the middle of nowhere of gorgeous albeit cold Maine Bowdoin has a number of unique offerings including the main pillars of the college, which are addressed in question. Its 140 charactersa tweetso its truly too short to get super creative. But fear not (ok, fear a little by choosing any of these three themes to elaborate on, youre setting yourself up for successas long as you choose the right topic for you. Whatever the experience, no matter how mundane or silly, write it down; even seemingly dull or unintellectual experiences can make for great essay topics. Or perhaps you read a Vonnegut novel in English class your junior year, and it had such a potent effect on you that youve decided to major in English in order to create stories that also have the ability to change peoples lives. Intellectual Engagement, if you are a very focused student academically and are sure of what you want to study, this one is for you. If there is additional information you feel will support your application, you are welcome to include it here. What does the proliferation of benevolent behavior mean the Bowdoin community? Keep it honest and shortperhaps you learned about it from a family member, a friend, your college counselor, you name. Since this prompt asks you to frame your interests and aspirations in the context of a Bowdoin education, it is in some ways similar to a Why X school?